Agitated Nutsch Filter Dryer 
Picture 4.png
Rotary Kiln
Picture 7.png
Vegetable Oil Blending Plant
Picture 11.png
M S Reactor 
Picture 14.png
Cross Flow Impellers 
Picture 20.png
S S Limpeted Vessels
Picture 23.png
  Pyrolysis Reactor 
Picture 29.png
M S Tank 56 M3
Picture 35.png
S S Tank 40KL
Picture 37.png
Quenching Tank
Picture 38.png
ETP Tank
Picture 44.png
GMP Equipment
Picture 46.png
Customised Plant
Picture 15.png
SS316 Vessel with Limpet 
coil & Internal Coil
Picture 2.png
Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer 
Picture 5.png
Continous Blending System for Bio Fertilizer 
Picture 8.png
S S Limpeted Reactor
Picture 12.png
M S Reactor
Picture 16.png
Ribbon Blender
Picture 21.png
S S Limpeted Vessels 
Picture 25.png
C S Vessels
Picture 32.png
M S Tank 100KL
Picture 36.png
S S Tank
Picture 40.png
Picture 41.png
Condenser Tube Sheet 
Picture 45.png
GMP Equipment 
Picture 3.png
PCI3 MS Storage Tank 56M3 Capacity 
Picture 16.png
SS316 Mixing System 
with Tanks
Picture 3.png
Drum Flaker 
Picture 6.png
Bio Fertilizer Plant
Picture 10.png
   SS Jacketed Reactor
Picture 13.png
Cross Flow Impellers 
Picture 18.png
S S Spiral Filter
Picture 26.png
C S Vessels
Picture 27.png
C S Vessels
Picture 28.png
C S Vessels
Picture 34.png
U G Tank 70KL
Picture 39.png
Picture 42.png
Condenser Bonnet
Picture 43.png
GMP Reactor
Spherical Vessel 
Picture 19.png
SS316 Horizontal Limpet 
Picture 20.png
SA516 Gr70 Horizontal Tank